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Why are American women dying in childbirth?

Al Jazeera English The United States is not the first place that springs to mind when considering women dying in childbirth. So the fact that two American women die of … Continue reading

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Seattle group offers hope, medical care to Kenyan women often shunned by families

ELDORET, Kenya — After three days in labor, Susan Kapkarich’s baby was stuck, only one of her legs protruding from her mother’s body. Fearing for her life, her husband and … Continue reading

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Sex for fish

Al Jazeera Magazine The Health Issue After a long night’s fishing, wooden boats full of weary men slid off Lake Victoria’s murky waters and up the shores around Kisumu, the … Continue reading

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Gay Briton appears in court in uganda

The Times Africa A gay British man living in Uganda appeared in court today charged with trafficking obscene materials after his laptop was stolen and pictures of him having sex … Continue reading

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At Kenya mall, a brother’s anguish turned to joy

Robert Mburu was an hour-and-a-half away from Nairobi, Kenya, when he heard that Westgate Mall was under attack. Thousands of Kenyans were inside, many of whom he probably knew. Westgate … Continue reading

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In Nairobi, an Attack at the City’s Most Conspicuous Symbol of Western Drift

This morning in Nairobi, a tower of thick, black smoke pierced the sky, darkening the area around the glittering Westgate, the city’s most upscale shopping center, opened in 2007. Inside, an … Continue reading

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Seattle journalist in Kenya deals with gut punch of mall shootings |

I was hanging on the words of Teju Cole, the Nigerian American writer who is one of my literary heroes, when I found out that two miles away, Nairobi’s Westgate … Continue reading

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